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A bridge is three or more crowns that are connected to span an area of missing teeth.

If you are missing teeth and meet the criteria, you may be a candidate for a fixed Bridge.  This is a proshthesis that is cemented in place permanently.  If you are missing a tooth in the anterior (front) part of your mouth, we can place it with an all porcelain bridge.  If you currently wear a removable partial denture and meet the protocol, we Dental Bridgehighly recommend replacing it with a fixed bridge as well.

Hear From Our Satisfied Clients

  • Dr. McAndrews, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all of your efforts and attention to my dental work after my car accident.  It has taken us a while to complete, but since I made up my mind you have moved it right along.  My teeth are beautiful and my mouth feels so normal again. Your office staff has been incredibly supportive as they know what a long process this has been – from Tina, who coordinated my comings and goings, to the assistants facilitating quick appointments.  Vickie encouraged me to complete my work and get my permanent bridge, and Becky helped me coordinate how best to get coverage from my insurance. Again, thank you so much and thanks for my new smile!
    Suzi, Bridge