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MST Dental offers several specialty services in the dental field including root canal therapy. Dr. Tracey Thomson & Dr. Alan McAndrews provide endodontic care using Digital Radiography and specialized, silent rotary instruments to make your experience short and pleasant. So in the event that you need a root canal, you’ll be in excellent hands without having to go to another office.

A root canal is the process of taking the pulpal tissue (nerve and blood vessels) out of the tooth and filling the void with appropriate dental material.  This procedure is required to relieve pain from an abscessed tooth or extensive decay.

Patients experiencing pain from hot / cold liquids or from biting pressure may require a root canal.

Root Canal Treatment

Hear From Our Satisfied Clients

  • Dr. Thomson and Staff, As a nurse, I know about pain, fear and when a patient has both at the same time.  Since my early experiences with dentists were not nice ones, I had a tendency not to go unless I had to. It was a Monday morning and I HAD to, ASAP!  I had been hurting for three days and it got worse with each day.  It's rare that I hurt bad enough to cry.  On this morning, the pain out-weighed my fear as tears rolled down my face. Your office called me back quickly, and by 8:30 AM I was waiting to be taken back to be seen.  Even that time was short.  Once I got back there, Dr. Thomson and Mattie immediately started to give me relief from the pain.  After that, they started to relieve my fears, especially since I needed a root canal.  Yes, I said root canal.  I have heard only horror stories about those. It's been one week to the day that I've had no problems, especially like those horror stories. Now guess what...another tooth needs a root canal.  This time, I have no reservations.  My next root canal will be done at MST Dental thanks to Dr. Thomson and Mattie.  Thank you and your staff for working with me, relieving my pain and fears. Sincerely,
    Lisa, Root Canal