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Hear From Our Satisfied Clients

  • "When your hygienist kept encouraging me to purchase an Oral B / Braun toothbrush, I just thought she was making a sales pitch!  Since my son had braces and the Braun was supposed to help him brush better with the rotating heads, I finally decided to go ahead and purchase one.  I can honestly say it has been one of the best purchases I have ever made.  Not only has my son's brushing practices improved, I can tell the difference in my own teeth and gums.  My teeth are not nearly as sensitive as before and even look whiter.  Now I don't have to nag my son to brush his teeth either.  Thank you for offering such a fine product.  I am a very happy customer!"
    Kay, Preventative Care
  • "I have thoroughly enjoyed having invisible braces, as opposed to regular braces.  People see how straight my teeth are and say, "I don't remember seeing you with braces."  I show them my very unique, invisible braces and they wish they had some too.  They took a lot of stress off me as a teenager because I don't have to deal with the way I look and appearance regular braces give.  Invisible braces gave me confidence and was also a fun experience.   I know anyone else's experience with invisible braces will be just as wonderful as mine."
    Kimberly, age 14, Invisible Braces
  • "When I was 12, my dentist recommended that I get braces but I declined.  For the next 30 years, I regretted that decision.  Twice during my adult life, I almost got braces but again backed out.  Then, I read about invisible braces at MST and I felt like this was a process I could go through with.  I have been extremely pleased with the process and results.  You just slip them on and off.  They are unrecognizable and give good results.  I highly recommend them to anyone wanting braces and improving their smile."
    Paul, Invisible Braces
  • Dear Dr. Shaw, I have always had an inferiority complex because of my ugly teeth.  All of my life, I have always talked with my upper lip covering my teeth.  I have never known what it was like to really give a big smile.  Because of my crooked and missing teeth, I developed a poor self-image.  I hesitated to speak out in public or participate in many activities.  When I was a young child, I had a very traumatic and painful experience with my hometown dentist.  Therefore, I was reluctant to have any major dental work done.  After having my children, I realized the importance of establishing a good and trusting relationship with your dentist.  Thank goodness we found you!  If not for you, I could never have had this wonderful experience of smiling and feeling that I finally have the teeth with which I should have been born.  When I first saw my new smile, I cried tears of joy.  I couldn’t believe it’s me smiling in the mirror.  Thank you for making this one of the most positive, stress-free, pain-free and joyous experiences of my life.  Thanks also to everyone in the office who came in and shared in my joy.  Dr. Shaw, you truly are a miracle worker!  “My cup runneth over!”
  • I always wondered how movie stars and models had such perfect I know!  Dr. Shaw gave me a movie star smile. I have always had very bad teeth.  I was afraid to try anything new.  I went to Dr. Shaw and they suggested porcelain crowns.  I decided to try them and I am glad I did.  Now people ask me what kind of tooth whitening system I use.  My friends tell me that I look younger and they want to know what I have done.
    Susan, Crowns
  • Dr. Thomson and Staff, As a nurse, I know about pain, fear and when a patient has both at the same time.  Since my early experiences with dentists were not nice ones, I had a tendency not to go unless I had to. It was a Monday morning and I HAD to, ASAP!  I had been hurting for three days and it got worse with each day.  It's rare that I hurt bad enough to cry.  On this morning, the pain out-weighed my fear as tears rolled down my face. Your office called me back quickly, and by 8:30 AM I was waiting to be taken back to be seen.  Even that time was short.  Once I got back there, Dr. Thomson and Mattie immediately started to give me relief from the pain.  After that, they started to relieve my fears, especially since I needed a root canal.  Yes, I said root canal.  I have heard only horror stories about those. It's been one week to the day that I've had no problems, especially like those horror stories. Now guess what...another tooth needs a root canal.  This time, I have no reservations.  My next root canal will be done at MST Dental thanks to Dr. Thomson and Mattie.  Thank you and your staff for working with me, relieving my pain and fears. Sincerely,
    Lisa, Root Canal
  • Dr. McAndrews, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all of your efforts and attention to my dental work after my car accident.  It has taken us a while to complete, but since I made up my mind you have moved it right along.  My teeth are beautiful and my mouth feels so normal again. Your office staff has been incredibly supportive as they know what a long process this has been – from Tina, who coordinated my comings and goings, to the assistants facilitating quick appointments.  Vickie encouraged me to complete my work and get my permanent bridge, and Becky helped me coordinate how best to get coverage from my insurance. Again, thank you so much and thanks for my new smile!
    Suzi, Bridge
  • Dear Dr. Shaw, I want to thank you for such an incredible difference in my life.  My teeth are beautiful!  When I began my quest to have the bonding replaced, you came highly recommended.  I am so thankful you invested your time and expertise.  At the end of each appointment, I left feeling confident that even the temporaries look totally awesome.  I also appreciate that you gave 100% of not only your attention, but your heart in what you did.  You allowed your patient to experience the satisfaction and pride of such a life changing accomplishment.  I left feeling on top of the world; I had a smile!   I, too, am a professional - a pharmacist at Children's Hospital - and love what I do.  I know when I have made a difference in the life of a child, parent or loved one.  There is nothing that compares to the feeling when you know you have nailed the situation, and I could see that in you.  Even the changes you felt necessary proved your love and your devotion to your profession." Your assistants were real troopers - they conveyed a sense of loyalty and pride that represented you well.  They took enjoyment in the transformation they so greatly assisted in. I love my teeth! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    Linda, Lumineers
  • I just wanted to write to let all of you know what a great experience I had. I love the new facility and feel comfortable with Dr. Shaw and the new equipment. I'm glad I took the recommendation of my friend. I'll definitely be making this my new dental office.
    Chase, Teeth Cleaning